With a degree in psychology and as a published author, Amy Killingsworth is an executive coach, consultant and podcaster with a background in organizational psychology and is an expert in mental, emotional and physical wellness.

Her first book “Change Your Food, Change Your Fate” as well as her popular digital course “soveREIGN Wellness Blueprint” were both created to shine a light on the importance of natural wellness, non toxic health and the impact of food in every area of your life. Her emphasis on inner health, both spiritually as well as physically, led to an unprecedented career in one of the world’s leading direct sales companies where she developed a 5-million-dollar business with more than 30,000 individuals in her down line in less than 10 years. Due to her loyal client base and creative e-commerce marketing strategies, including her proprietary Heart Centered Selling curriculum that has been launched with thousands of sales distributors worldwide, Amy is also an elite 7-figure earner.

She also spent more than half a decade as an award winning insurance agent, agency owner and corporate sales trainer for a nationally recognized insurance company where she developed and released a nationwide sales training curriculum that is still used today.

As founder and President of the humanitarian aid non profit organization, STAT Worldwide, member of the National Speakers Association, and homeschooling her 3 children for more than 10 years Amy has attracted attention in a variety of media as well as online with a following of thousands of women who are in search of finding their true identity. Today, she speaks across the country sharing her message to tens of thousands of individuals on taking personal responsibility, healing trauma and discovering your most authentic self.

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