Heal your relationship with “The Masculine” (God, men, money, structure, clarity, strategy, purpose)

When a woman heals her relationship with the masculine she is able to experience peace of mind, restoration of relationships, abundance of provision and fulfillment of her purpose by honoring her feminine bioLOGICAL design. In short, she will remember what it feels like to be female and LOVE that feeling. As she embodies her feminine biological design, she goes from feeling stressed, overwhelmed, burnt out, with low energy and no sex drive to feeling provided for, in a state of rest and flow, alignment, peace and joy - turned on by and opened up to life and her man (if she has one or positioned to receive him if she wants one).

Rise to Reign is for you if you have been cut off from your feminine design by your childhood experiences, feminist ideology, religious contexts, or trauma. If you are ready to release victim consciousness and take responsibility for healing your fractured identity as a beloved daughter of God and your relationship with men and masculine principles (God, money, structure, clarity, strategy, purpose). If you are ready to embody your original biological feminine design and absolutely adore the experience of being a woman (maybe for the first time ever) . . .

Reclamation of Original 

4 months
(with optional 1:1 coaching add on)


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Women are BIOLOGICALLY different from men. VERY different. Women and men belong to the same species but we occupy two opposite poles on the human spectrum (polarity). Aside from the obvious anatomical differences, males and females have vastly different perceptions and life experiences based in differences in our brains and bodies. One small example of this is that women’s hormones complete a 28 day lunar cycle while men’s hormones cycle every 24 hours with the solar rhythm. I could go on, but suffice it to say, the BIOLOGICAL differences between males and females are significant.

unpopular societal truth:

Why does all of this matter? Well, put concisely, the entire working world and all of our ideas about success are centered on male biology and don’t take female biology into account - even a little bit. This is not an essay on women’s rights or history, but the reasons for this are pretty simple. Women have only been in the workforce for the past century (only in large numbers in the past 50 years) compared to many thousands of years of societal and cultural development. In short, when women entered the marketplace, we very much began trying to survive, thrive and succeed in a world built BY men, FOR men.

Consider this: women are BY FAR the largest consumers of personal development content, coaching and therapy.

Yet, we are still nearly universally unfulfilled. Why? Because bro strategies were created BY men, FOR men. Even female coaches and counselors are usually just repeating what they have learned inside a closed, very male system based on psychology of the MALE brain and MALE body. Even most medications are primarily only studied on men because female bodies are “too complicated.”

We may be able to temporarily satisfy our internal masculine with achievement or financial success, but our relationships are a mess and our bodies feel burned out while our minds are overwhelmed. Bottom line: Women are not wired to experience success with the same texture and container as men.

This does NOT mean that women should not or can not be in business or careers and do very well. They absolutely can, but the WAY we do it must be very different - aligned with our unique feminine design.

A woman in her head and not her heart and body is over functioning and overproducing male hormones which means under producing oxytocin. This causes her not to feel female (to herself OR her man) which leads to lowered oxytocin (hormone of connection, contentment and joy) which causes our nervous system to calibrate to a constant state of fight or flight. That my dear is why you feel exhausted, overwhelmed and burned out - and have a hard time relaxing, having fun and enjoying your hard won success.

If you love throwing time and money away, keep going to therapy and pursuing personal development.

What will your life be like 5 years from now if nothing ever changes?


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if you're ready to change this...

Women have a lot of theories about why they are in pain

(most of these involve blaming someone else)

Some women believe their man (or lack of) is the problem.

And if it's not their spouse then it is a child, boss, neighbor or other "toxic" individual that is making them unhappy.

Or many believe that their pain will end when they finally marry that special someone. Or get divorced.

take it from me - it doesn't

And if you don't fix the real problem, you will continue attracting the same problematic people (in different bodies) over and over.

people aren’t the problem

Some women believe more money would solve their problems.

If only you had more money or less debt, you could finally be at peace.

If only you had the money to spend on self care, you would be able to cultivate feelings of ease.

If only you could take that dream vacation/afford those clothes/buy that house or move to THAT neighborhood, you would finally be happy.


and I have to tell you that unless you do the internal work to heal your relationship with masculine principals (including money), you will always sabotage yourself right back to the same level of money you subconsciously believe you are worthy of OR not be able to relax and enjoy what you have.

money isn't the problem

Some women believe if they could just find their purpose, get that dream job or gain enough influence, they would finally feel fulfilled.

This one is tricky because finding and functioning in your unique purpose is incredibly fulfilling. But the path to your purpose is THROUGH your feminine reclamation and embodiment.

That's the tangled web - most women are looking to discover their purpose or land their dream job in hopes that it will end the pain, boredom and frustration. But your purpose will only reveal itself as you face and heal the wounds you have with the masculine.

And when you do that, you aren't reliant on something external for your joy.

purpose isn't the problem

This is where Rise to Reign comes in.

a trademarked framework of healing your relationship with the masculine (God, men and money) so that you can experience peace of mind, restoration of relationships, abundance of provision and fulfillment of your purpose by honoring your feminine bioLOGICAL design.

rise to reign

7 principles applied to 7 categories of life:

the method

a brief description of our time together:

the outline

month 01

month 02

Introduction to the Rise to Reign Framework and how to apply it for feminine reclamation and healing your relationship with the masculine (men, money, God).

Remember your identity as a beloved daughter
  • Rise to Reign Archetypes (prisoner, slave, princess, queen)
Repair your relationship with the masculine (God, men, money)
  • Healing the Father Wound
  • Overcoming traumatic religious programming
  • Feminine (body based) business model

Reclaim your original feminine design
  • Embodying feminine energetics
  • Feminine communication
Restore physical, mental, emotional wellbeing and sex drive
  • Cycle syncing (work, love, exercise and eat in your 28 day lunar cycle)
  • Applied polarity in relationships
  • Body based practices

month 03

month 04

Rejoin sisterhood 
  • Healing the Mother/Sister Wound
  • Collaborate in community with a sisterhood
Redeem your past heartbreak pain and struggle
  • Downgrading psychic conflicts to experience physical and emotional healing using Germanic Healing Knowledge/GNM

Recover the promises of God for your future
  • Remember your hopes, dreams and unique gifting
Receive clarity and commissioning into your purpose
  • See how it all works into a divine plan to prosper you in divine purpose and mission.

4 months, 1 call every other week. The first call of the month is teaching and the second call is for coaching.

Telegram community and support

Optional add on: 1:1 coaching and support with Amy (all pay in full clients will receive one 1:1, hour long coaching call with Amy)

the details

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the calls be recorded?

Yes, but do everything in your power to be on in person because healing happens in community and you will have the opportunity to ask your questions and receive live coaching.


Do I have direct access to Amy?

Yes. I do the teachings myself and I am active through voice and text responding to your questions and available for support in the telegram channel. You will have the chance to send in your questions ahead of group coaching sessions and I will work with you personally in the group setting. If you desire more personalized 1:1 support, please choose the 1:1 mentoring add on option in your application.


Is there a payment plan?

Yes. The application has the financial details.


Do you offer refunds?

No. If you show up for this process and yourself, you WILL experience healing. We show up fully for you and ask that you are a full body yes to this container before you commit.


Is this container religious?

No. However, everything I do is anchored in faith. I am a follower of Christ and this informs my body of work, but you do not have to practice any religion or subscribe to any set of beliefs to fully reap the benefits of this container.


About your mentor:

Amy Thompson is a wife, mom, executive coach, consultant and entrepreneur.  Her first book “Change your food, Change your Fate” as well as her popular digital course “soveREIGN. Wellness Blueprint” were both created to expose a light on the importance of natural wellness, non toxic health and the impact of food in every area of your life. Her emphasis on inner health, both spiritually as well as emotionally, led to an unprecedented career in one of the worlds leading direct sales companies where she developed a 5-million-dollar business with more than 25,000 individuals in her down line in less than 8 years.

Her widely recognized and trademarked method of life coaching, Rise to Reign, focuses on feminine reclamation leading to emotional and relational healing. 

Today, she speaks across the country sharing her message of healing to tens of thousands of individuals on taking personal responsibility, owning your future and discovering your personal self worth.

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the BONUSes

A curated package mailed to your doorstep of our favorite feminine things to help you embody your feminine design.

Access to our soveREIGN Wellness Membership Portal which contains our suite of educational materials to help with healing your feminine body (digestion, weight, sleep, mood, balancing hormones, cycle syncing and more).

“Amy is a master at emotional intelligence and this is a must listen podcast as it’s a chance to get insights for free from people who can literally change the trajectory of your life!“


"Rise to Reign led to a major breakthrough in my life. This work has given me the confidence and tools I need to show up and give all I've got so I can create anything I want in my life."


“Insightful, fun and real! Empowering humans to rise to their authenticity in life+business! Such a great listen for entrepreneurs and anyone hoping to become the greatest version of themselves!”


“Amy has the beautiful ability to help people shift their thinking, open their minds and hearts, and use their power to change their live! I love listening to her and learning from her. Definitely a game changer in your personal growth & empowerment!”


Reclamation of Feminine Design

Peace of mind, restoration of relationships, abundance of provision and fulfillment by honoring feminine bioLOGICAL design.



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