Episode 28: Our Perception Of God: Looking At God The Right Way

RTR 28 | Perception Of God


What comes to your mind when you think about God? Most people don’t realize that what you think about God is the most important thing about you. In today’s episode, Amy Killingsworth talks with Johnny And Elizabeth Enlow, the co-founders of Restore7 ministry, which globally serves influencers in every area of society. Spiritual parents to many throughout the nations, Johnny and Elizabeth talk about the impact of having a bigger, more expansive view of God in our life. Find your spiritual and emotional healing today as they open your mind to look at God, yourself, and others in a whole different way.

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Episode 28: Our Perception Of God: Looking At God The Right Way

The world needs emotionally intelligent, compassionate people in positions of leadership like never before. The truth is you can’t help anyone else if you’re overwhelmed, burnt out, distracted by drama, distance or disappointment in your relationships or dealing with messes in your money. This is a show where we are learning to open our hearts, challenge our beliefs, transform our fears, share our vulnerabilities, and most importantly, heal ourselves so we can heal the world. I hope hundreds of people discover their most authentic selves, activate their life’s purpose and rock their relationships. Join us for behind the scenes clips from my live events and coaching calls, as well as guest experts that will help you experience emotional healing and spiritual development so that you can take back your power and take the limits off your life. Let the transformation begin. Let’s get started with this episode.

Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow, welcome to the show. I’m excited to have you guys here.

We’re excited about being with you.

These two people have been the most influential in my process. I am beyond honored and over the moon thrilled to be able to share their perspectives with my audience because it’s had such a personal effect on me. I’m also excited to learn some stuff because every time I’m around Johnny and Elizabeth, I am edified. I learn so much and I have much insight and revelation. Thank you for being here. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world specifically with me and my audience. Johnny and Elizabeth are the Founders of a movement called RISE. It’s is a global community and there’s a course involve there. What does RISE stand for?

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It’s Reformers Influencing Society Everyday.

That is what we’re going to talk about. Before we do that, I want to give some background about why this topic is influential to me and the Rise to Reign framework. It’s a process of emotional healing, spiritual healing, and discovering your most authentic self so that you can make your life purpose and rock your relationships which is a side benefit. The way that I define spiritual and emotional healing is a correction of your perception of God, yourself and others. What I have experienced in my own life, in the lives that I have been blessed to impact is that any suffering comes from a misperception somewhere in one of those three areas. We’re looking at it the wrong way. One of the foundational teachings that you guys have that’s been impactful for me is based on a quote by AW Tozer that says, “What you believe about God is the most important thing about you.” 

He said it a few different ways. I often say, “What you think about God is the most important thing about you.” What comes to your mind when you think about God? That is the most important thing about you.

RTR 28 | Perception Of God

Perception Of God: The church, while claiming God to be omnipotent and everything, has not really seen him as a God who could bring solutions, power, or presence to other areas of society.


It’s so critical. I grew up in the church. My dad was a pastor. Both my grandfathers were pastors. I have been through a long process of finding my own, what I believe and my faith. I don’t have it. My audience is varied in their perspectives from religion to spirituality. I don’t necessarily come from any religious framework. One of the things that I find often that causes separation or disconnect is the language that we use around God. I always try to connect that it’s not necessarily the God that you have been taught to fear, but it’s such a bigger, more expansive view of God. I always have to sometimes give my audience a little sigh of relief like, “We’re not going to hit you over the head with some religion. This is a freedom that’s coming.” I want to give that context. I wonder if you could talk about your teaching on Rainbow God and what that is.

I’ll lay the seven mountain frame. You put the Rainbow God on top of that. Our general message, the essence of it, it would give wherever essentially the body of Christ is that there are seven areas of society that we are called to bring the Kingdom of God to. In Revelation 17:9, it calls in the heart and across to the seats of the operating system on planet Earth. It says she sits on seven mountains. It gives us understanding that the enemy has a seven mountain approach that he does which is killed, steal and destroy. In short, we have made a connection with the seven primary spheres of society in the seven mountains: media, education, government, economy, family, arts and entertainment, and religion. The church is paradigm forever has been the one mountain of religion. It’s an expanded perspective of who God is, what you think about God’s most important thing about you. While claiming him to be omnipotent and everything has not seen him as a God who could bring solutions or power, presence to other areas of society. We’re going to have good meetings and then wait for him to zap us out of here.

Johnny, from my perspective growing up in a charismatic Pentecostal church, is that this idea of the rapture and how God is going to come to get us. I have even heard pastors speak against recycling. It doesn’t matter if you recycle because their Earth is going away anyway. It lends itself to this lack of conscientiousness in the way that we approach life and how we see ourselves as interacting with the global theme. 

It goes against Jesus’ very first message. People don’t realize that that was his first message. It wasn’t, “It’s you are the salt of the Earth. You’re the light of the world.” He says, “If the salt doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, it’s good for nothing but to be cast out and trampled upon.” The way we have further messed up the narrative is as we’re getting trampled by the areas of society, good people haven’t gone to because criminals will go to the top government, media, and everywhere else. If the people won’t go there, if people will allow the Lord to use Him there, then that’s what will happen. He says, “You’re going to get trampled by government and media, etc. if you don’t affect it positively.” When it does, we say, “It must be because Jesus is about to return.” It’s a fully in-depth study for the last 2,000 years since Paul. Every single generation has been stung by this in times a virus where there was an expectation of every single generation.

There’s not been one generation that said, “Let’s see how far we can advance the Kingdom of God in our generation.” It’s always been speculating that He is about to return. It’s been a strategy from the devil itself to keep us from being who we’re called to be. We use the word conscientious. That’s part of what being salt and light is, is caring who He is. His better ways of doing things, His presence, His integrity, His solutions to every area of society. When we don’t do that, then there are consequences, what we call the Seven Mountain message that connects to Rainbow God. The message we have is that the pastors looking at His church, only 3% of his audience will ever have a traditional church mission or assignment. That means only 3% will be called to the Mountain of Religion. Our messages to the 97%, you’re not called to be a second-class citizen in the Kingdom. You are all 100% ministers. Your primary assignments that have been in the church is going to be either in business, media, government, one of these other areas of society. It’s an awakening message. It’s a paradigm-shifting message and it’s good to see it take hold in a better way than it has.

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We’ve been speaking for years and there seems to be an acceleration to it, especially the more corruption that gets revealed in the tops of our mountains, the more moments they are for us while we’re in church singing, “I’ll fly away oh glory.” A few more weary days and so we’re getting ready to check out our lack of having an understanding that we are to showcase His capabilities, power, presence, and solutions in every area of society have caused to be a major part of the problems. We’re glad to see that there is a correction first of all in paradigm, which starts with perspective back to what you think about God is the most important thing about you. If you don’t think he can do these, he can change things, then you develop a very convenient rapture. It’s a convenient lack of faith, a tiny God’s perspective that has you thinking. The only way this thing is going to work at all is if we get rescued in some way. He’s like, “Christ in us, the hope of glory.” It was an original book. The first book was The Seven Mountain ProphecyIt was in a bit of that so we can have the mission track on the message.

I had to tell a story about how I came across to you. It was back in 2012 and I was at a music class. At that time, my kids were little and we would have this music class that moved around houses. My kids were at somebody else’s house taking a music class and I was sitting there waiting for them to get out. I was perusing their bookshelf because I’m always like, “I want to look at people’s bookshelves to see who they are.” That’s my way of being a stalker in people’s homes. I’m like, “What are they into?” I was perusing her bookshelf and I saw The Seven Mountain Prophecy. I was like, “Can I borrow this?” She said, “Sure.” I took that home and read it. I’ve been hooked ever since. That’s a fun little story. The synchronicity of the way that God gets us connected with the teachers, the prophets, and the people who are meant to speak into our lives.

The first book was released in 2008, The Seven Mountain Prophecy, and it was the awakening message to it all. There’s been a progressive element of it and becoming more and more relational and tied into the knowledge of God. Elizabeth and I co-wrote a book several years after that called Rainbow God: The Seven Colors of Love. We make a connection between the Seven Mountains of Society, it’s a biblical terminology, and the Seven Spirits of God, also biblical terminology, It’s Revelation 4 and 5. Finally, we connected it to Seven Colors of the Rainbow as well in Revelation. It says there’s a full rainbow around the throne.

It was fun to write that book together. Johnny and I both have a similar passion for seeing people validated and awakened to their purpose. There is a creator and he created us with intention. What was his intention when he created us? If there’s a God, He’s a father and He’s a good father, then how would the enemy want to most come against the Father? He’d come after us individually and want us to think that we don’t have a Father, a Creator, someone that made us with intention and with purpose. If there is a God, then does he even care? As he was getting to the revelation on the big picture of what God’s doing in society and these seven specific areas that God wants to bring solutions too, I was going through a lot of inner healing. I can still relate to so many things that you’ve been through on that you’re mentoring other people in. I was in the thick of that process when Johnny got this download that there’s this great God who cares. He didn’t care about yourself for eternity. He cares about every area of your life and culture. I was having a hard time believing that he was good.

I had to go through some inner healing from childhood stuff and realize He is good. What you have, you can give away. What you don’t have, you can’t give away. Let’s say the enemy comes in and tells you lies with the things you go through in your childhood. It all boils down to no matter what each of us has been through, one core lie and that’s you don’t matter. We are instinctively wired to understand at least on a subconscious level that the only one who can convince us that we matter is the one who made us, the one who dreamed us up. When you go through circumstances that the only one who could have done something about it didn’t, it brings that seed of doubt. The enemy is not very creative and how he comes ultimately after God. We were all born into this war zone between a little bitty enemy who for some reason loads the creator of all things. The only way he can touch the creator of all things who created him is to come after the objects of his affection which are all of us.

RTR 28 | Perception Of God

Perception Of God: We are instinctively wired to understand, at least on a subconscious level, that the only one who can convince us that we matter is the one who made us.


To turn his children against him, that’s the only way he’s capable of hurting them. He’s powerless and comparative.

It produces what we call an orphan mentality. We show up in life and each of these areas of culture. To varying degrees, we may believe there’s a God or not a God. We may believe He’s very involved or not involved. We may believe that He cares or doesn’t care, that He only cares because always trying to seduce, to behave. We give away the God that we know and see. If you’re raised on religion, that’s a scary God. God who doesn’t care about all these areas of culture and is very angry with us because of the way we’re getting it wrong. We show up in society either trying to involve Him and misrepresent Him. We bring Him in us as this very legalistic one narrow-minded God who doesn’t even acknowledge that He exists, who they care.

We show up in the culture and we put systems in place that are our best expression of how to do lie. When we talk about Kingdom, we’re talking about a King who cares, loves, and governs very unlike any other government system that we could ever come up with here in our limited thinking. This is an incredibly humble King, who doesn’t mind the fact that we screw up His reputation all the time, those of us that say we represent Him. He’s willing to care deeply, profoundly, and be very involved but allow us to process, discovery, and allow us to make some significant mistakes, individually and collectively.

Use those mistakes for our absolute and eventual good, making it better than it would have been if you hadn’t messed up in the first place. The math doesn’t work but it’s true. 

We can see that being played out in our own lives. It’s a little harder to see that in culture. Rainbow God became a book of teaching whatever that we’ve done based on how for us this message shifted into the intimacy that each one of us has with God. We’re all experts on God, but we just don’t know it. We’re experts on Him not because of us but because of Him. Even if you don’t acknowledge God in your life, He’s active in your life. You’re learning things about Him. Eventually, He wakes you up to the reality that that was Him and that was not Him. You start learning in your knowledge of God. We began to make this connection between there’s a scripture verse Habakkuk 2:14. It sums up the whole big picture, where is all this headed for us individually and collectively as humanity? It says that the knowledge of the glory of God will cover the Earth as the water covers the sea, water covers the ocean 100%.

We will all at some point have access to what God is like and who He is. God from our perspective is not a being that cares about someone’s soul for all of eternity. He cares about all the things that we care about. The proof of that is we’re made in His image. Since we’re made in His image, the things that we care about reflect the fact that He cares about us. It doesn’t mean everything that we think is exactly how God thinks, but the fact that we care. Rainbow God in Revelation, we know that John had this incredible supernatural encounter where he’s taken into heaven. He sees the throne and he describes it as there was a rainbow around the throne. God, this rainbow that exists around the throne, the very seat of the essence of who and what God is and His kingdom. How he does things in His kingdom is his way of doing things. The systems that He’s put into place in the motion and creation. It’s the way that this humble King gives us access to who He is. If you think about the rainbow, in reality, it is a limitless array of colors, but our physical eyes can only perceive about seven of those colors, generally speaking.

It’s a great metaphor for how limited our human reasoning and vision is without the light of the Holy Spirit and divine inspiration and guidance.

You said about divine inspiration and guidance. As Elizabeth was saying, it’s white light but there’s a prism effect that takes place when you have sunlight and water, two reflections of who God is. There is truth in through that comes out from there. You can see these seven colors. They’d been there all along but you couldn’t see them until there was this path of sunlight and water coming together.

I don’t know if you’ve seen these TikTok videos where they buy someone who’s colorblind these glasses that come out in years that allow a color-blind person to see color for the first time in their life. Every time they’re all, “Is this the picture you’ve been seeing all along? Is this what I’ve been missing out on?” Think of the humility of our God to give us this metaphor, the seven colors. This is the essence of who and what He is in his very throne room. Here on Earth, He’s given us these seven primary areas of life, media, education, arts and entertainment, family, etc. Every nation and every culture have these seven areas and they’re unique to different cultures, nations, and regions of the Earth. They’ll have them, we all have them. The humility of a God of this King to allow us to have these tangible ways that we can experience who and what He is. Unfortunately, we’ve been running these areas of culture the best way that we can.

According to our limited sight, without divine guidance and inspiration, the human reasoning mind. 

Everything that God has left us to figure it out. He’s at best, the distinct God peered out when you’re all done. I’ll be Santa Claus and we’ll give you something in the future. That’s God with present capabilities.

The idea with Rainbow God is that He’s a God that doesn’t have this spiritual concept of love. Love is the essence of who and what He is. I think of love like water. It rushes and it reaches its intended mark and it will get through any crack or crevice. We believe that His love is love in action. He longs to express His love through every system and area of culture. To the degree that we learn as a society to begin to partner with God and say, “Our economy isn’t working so well. It’s rooted in greed for the most part.” The truth is He is not savior and redeemer, He’s also a provider. That’s the face of who He is. In education, He’s not the teacher that’s trying to get us to behave. He’s the teacher that loves us and cares so much about us and thinks that we’re important that He wants to teach us important things. He and family, He’s not just some taskmaster who needs us to turn out okay so that He can look good. He doesn’t parent that way. He’s a true mother and father to us where He works with us through the process, loves us unconditionally, and accepts us no matter what. We are always forever His.

To wrap up the whole Rainbow God thing, these areas of culture aren’t areas that Christians are supposed to show up in and show the world how it’s done and take dominion over these areas. That would be not the correct reputation or reflection of this God. These are areas that as ones who walk with Jesus, we should know that He cares about these areas and begin acting as He does. Where are areas of passion influence that we show up and we say, “You want to partner with me?” If I’m a teacher or if I’m in business, what does it look like in my area of influence and passion? What does it look like to partner with a God who cares and wants to express His love tangibly through my business or how I interact with my students? That’s the idea of Rainbow God. It’s a relational opportunity for us to partner with God in each of these areas of culture.

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Let me give you a little framework to it, that envy. Sometimes a visual of it can make it easier to remember as well. We can make a connection between the seven spirits of God, seven mountains of society, seven colors of the rainbow. We won’t have time to do the explanation. We have a book called Rainbow God: The Seven Colors of Love that’ll explain it. For instance, red goes with the mountain of media, orange with the mountain of family, yellow with a mountain of arts and entertainment, green with the mountain of economy, blue with the mountain of religion, indigo with the mountain of education, then violet or purple with the mountain of government. We believe that every one of you carries a minimum one of these primary seven aspects of who He is. Your area of passion will be one of these. When properly seen from heaven’s perspective was the rainbow army. It’s an army of love to the degree of you’re to carry the yellow to the degree you’re a communicator, media the red and, etc. The assignment in the book, we have a chapter on each one of the colors because it’s a study and who God is. For instance, media is less about getting something done and more about who we see and reflect.

God is a communicator. He has to be seen and then reflected there. In family, God is Papa has to be seen and then the great acceptor who He is has to be seen there. God is a creator in arts and entertainment. God is a provider in the economy. God is a teacher in education. God as redeemer is the one we’ve heard about for a long time, mountain of religion He saves. God is King in the mountain of governance. There are seven beautiful faces of who He is that we will experience in heaven. We won’t walk around and say, “He loved us so much He died on the cross.” We act that that’s the only manifestation of love, but we will be there. Can you believe the creativity here? We will be in awe of who He is as a creator. Can you believe the family feels we have here? We’ll be in awe of Him as Papa. Can you believe the luxury of everything He’s provided? He as a provider and then we’re like, “The way the government because it’s not anarchy, it’s such a gloriously one government, servant-based, access to everything for everybody. The throne room has no walls around to access to His level of freedom, His level of luxury. There are seven aspects of who He is in heaven that was designed to know.

Back to Habakkuk 2:14, “The knowledge of the glory of God. The way we are that fills our hearts first and then it fills the areas that we show up then.”

It’s an amazing narrative that He’s invited us to be a part of.

That’s why your message carries so much hope because we don’t have to wait until we get somewhere in some distant future. This is now, no matter what, no matter where you are, no matter how you’ve messed up, it’s for us to all experience. I love that you combine the influence piece with the inner healing piece, which is a correction of your perception about God and in yourself in relationship to God and others. The reason why my platform a Rise to Reign exists is Rise to your rightful place of influence in the world and reign in your life. What draws people into this work? Mostly women but a few men too. What draws people into this work is that one question, which is the deepest wound and lie that you mentioned is, “Do I matter?” 

A search for purpose is almost always an attempt to answer the question, do I matter? It’s fundamentally flawed. This is what I have realized in my own life. This is what I see over and over again. If you’re bringing your question to your area of influence, meaning if I do this, if I get this result, if I get people to pay attention, if I solve a problem, then I’m going to matter. I’ll answer that question for myself by my actions. That is fundamentally flawed. Bringing your question to your area of influence is the wrong way to go about it and it only results in more confusion and pain.

It’s a difference between coming from significance versus coming for significance. If I come to my business for significance, I’m in trouble. If I come from significance knowing already that I matter, I am a daughter, I am called, I am commissioned, should you influence this area of society versus I’m going to go out and try to do this so that I can get that question answered. I feel we have to go around that mountain a little bit before we go like, “This isn’t working.” In my own life, I’ve made the money. I’ve gotten the attention, I still feel sad, disconnected, and empty. That’s what has driven me deep and the inner healing work. We have to correct our vision of ourselves, God and other people before we can rise to our rightful place of influence in the way that we’re designed to do.

You want to feel your identity first, you’re royalty. Because of royalty, you do royal things. It’s that the Royal family in that but you’re not trying to prove your loyalty. When you’re trying to prove your royalty then you don’t want to choose any low posture position because you don’t feel it. It all goes haywire when you’re trying to prove your royalties as opposed to living from it.

I’m very intrigued by this dynamic. What happens on an individual scale is what’s happening collectively in society too. The fact that we can think that way, God thinks that way and we’re supposed to think that way. We’re supposed to be able to think macro and micro back and forth. What happens in our own lives when we do what you’re talking about, where we believe a lie that we don’t matter. We show up in our area, career, as a parent, as a spouse, or whatever it is, and we’re constantly trying to earn or prove something. We live defensively. Technically, we’re in survival mode. We’re not thriving. We’re not partnering with God. We’re trying to pull it off on our own either to prove something to ourselves or someone else or even to God.

Even to fill the Seven Rainbow God rules, we’re trying to provide for ourselves. We’re trying to save ourselves. We’re trying to show identity on ourselves. All of the things that God is supposed to be for us, we’re trying to fill those roles for ourselves as an orphan who doesn’t have any mama or papa to take care of us.

When we make decisions from that place, we typically reap horrible consequences. Not immediately, but in time. We look at those consequences and we go back to the Garden of Eden where we ate at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. When they ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, were they landed was this ability to look at something or someone specifically at God and think, is it good or is it evil? Is He for me or is He against me? Do I matter to Him or do I not? When we’re reaping consequences of choices in our own lives, we’re looking at God through the circumstances that come back on us. We’re still further entrenched in the lie that we believe that we don’t matter because our circumstances make us feel like if there’s a God, He is not caring about me.

One of the things that you guys have been so instrumental, specifically around my parenting philosophy, is that a good parent gives a lot of space to let you figure out your life lessons. God would not be being a good parent if He removed all the struggles from our life. If He gave us an easy path, we wouldn’t grow into who we were meant to be. We wouldn’t stretch. We wouldn’t heal. We wouldn’t look for the place of alignment because we feel the discomfort of being out of it.

I don’t mean to alienate anyone when I say this, but that to me is where the heart and soul are of why we need Jesus to come in. If He’s parenting and the whole goal He has is for us to be near Him. Be intimate with Him and I taught my kids when they were little. God is not mean. He’s not angry with us. He is Holy. What Holy means is the sun? This planet sun or sun is a star fallen apart. It’s made up of fire. God is the essence of who and what He is, holy. If I want to get close to the sun, I have to either be fired also so that it doesn’t consume me. I have to have something that protects me from that fire, not because the fire of the sun is mad at me. There’s nothing personal about this. He wants us near to Him. He wants his sons and daughters, all of us intimate with Him. Jesus, it became His ability to draw us close to Himself without the essence of what He is consuming. When you understand that, you understand that He does parent differently. He’s not trying to just parent someone into perfection. That’s already dealt with.

RTR 28 | Perception Of God

Perception Of God: When we believe the lie that we don’t matter, we show up in our career or in our personal lives constantly trying to earn something or prove something.


That’s a parent who is taking their question to parents like, “Am I good enough? Do I matter?” If my kid is perfect, then I look good. If my kid is an athlete, that’s a start, I look good. That’s what happens when a parent takes their question to parent, do I matter the question.

You see that play out on the world scale.

God is not doing that. We need to make that distinction. God already knows that He matters. He’s not trying to get us to convince Him by our perfect behavior that He’s a good God or parent.

That thing is an important enough point. One of our children made a decision years ago. We were pastors and I was like, “This was needed.” I need to step down from ministry because my child has made this decision. He’s like, “What?” I’ve stepped down from my throne because of the way my kids behave. Do you remember, Hitler is my son, Stalin is my son. These people were my kids. I designed them for something different than that. I’m not leaving my throne because they failed. You better not leave where I placed you over that. That helped slap on their face.

We all have our areas of failure for sure. I was going to tie up that one loose-ended on the collective world stage in the same way that we individually believe lies. Also, we perpetuate those lies in our minds because we read the consequences of the circumstances. We created based on believing us. This is a cycle. We’ve done the same thing in each area of culture. We’ve shown up and tried to prove ourselves collectively as a society and put these systems into place and each area of culture that is not working for us. For example, the mountain of economy, the structures, the systems we put in place very generally speaking, not all, but a lot of them are rooted in greed. What happens when you have to work hard to get something yourself and you get it then it perpetuates that lie. Nobody else is going to show up for me, certainly not God. If I don’t provide for myself, I’m all for me. That’s that greed mentality.

Also, over-consumption. Do I matter? If I drive this nice car, I matter. If I have this nice house, I matter. That plays into greed. We can always trace it back to that one question. I don’t mean to belabor the point but everywhere you look, there it is.

It shows some individually and collectively. That’s where we get to go through, inner healing, and I love where God has brought you where you are mentoring many others as you know that’s only going to increase some years to come on this journey. God is gritty. He’s doing things on many levels at once. I believe He’s bringing us as a generation into greater depths of personal healing because He’s also healing us on a societal level. If people that have been raised in religion can have let go of a little bit of what we think that has to look like, does it have to look like people raising their hands and saying the sinner’s prayer? No. The byproduct of the kindness and the goodness of God is that He is wooing us individually and collectively through a process of discovering his true heart towards us. His true heart is irresistible.

His ways are good. They’re perfect. It’s a good life that He’s drawing us to. All of our best efforts to make our lives good are nothing compared to what He has in the divine plan and the divine blueprint. If we will surrender to that ask, follow and be obedient to the guidance. His plans are better than anything we could ever come up with for ourselves. I’m coming from my audience’s perspective and even at points in my life, my perspective is we’re talking about the Kingdom of God and church this and church that. A little bit of context, it’s my opinion or my experience that if somebody is offended by the idea of God, they’re offended by the circumstances of their life or by people who have claimed the name of God.

You can never be offended by God because there’s nothing offensive about Him. There’s nothing offensive about the character and the nature of the creator. If you are offended by God or what your idea of God is, it has to do with either the circumstances of your life or people who have represented Him poorly. If I find myself in that place of not wanting to be identified with a church person, a church, or a religion of any kind, is this still for me? Is this message of the seven mountains and the Rainbow God, if I’m not a Christian or a church person, is this still for me? Not me personally, but my audience might be having these questions.

We’re all made in His image and you’re on planet Earth with blueprint even for experiencing our best life. It’s destiny. There’s an aspect of it that doesn’t come together until we recognize the centrality of Jesus and all that. I spoke to 200 government leaders in the nation of Colombia and none of them will think about a handful were Christians. I pointed out to them, I laid out in the Seven Mountains to them that they represent the violet-purple color of who He is. The reason they care about government because He cares. I asked them, “What was the original spark?” Go back and think of the first spark we ever had for doing government was the original spark. I could be crooked and corrupt to take bribes with that. Nobody is going to raise their hand anyway. It was pointing out, I said, “Go back to it. There’s something you’re like, ‘I have to do good for something of justice.’” I said, “That thing proves you’re in His image. You get that because you got it from Him. What you didn’t know is you can ask Him for help. He knows it’s difficult. He knows it’s not easy to do what it’d be particularly in government.”

It was amazing. They all wanted prayer and wanted help from God. There are all kinds of solutions that He has for you where you’re working in practical areas of government. He has a better way of doing everything with the kingdom. How it shows up here on planet Earth is the better way of doing everything. It works best with the King being acknowledged in the middle of that. He’ll let you advance his stuff without a deep relationship. He’s so amazing, he will take you as far as you let Him come. If you want close intimacy with Him, He’s for that. If you want distance from Him, He sees so patient at that process. It’s a message for everyone. This as a mountain and a Rainbow God component of it is we’re all made in His image. We care for things that we care for that we know are good because it comes from Him in the way we’re wired. Ultimately us fulfilling what we’re called to do is as we acknowledge that connection to Him and invite Him to help us.

If you’re offended by God or your idea of God, it has to do with the circumstances of your life or people who have represented him poorly. Click To Tweet

One of the things that I have heard you say that I feel is impactful is Jesus said, “If you ask, you’ll receive. If you seek, you’ll find. If you knock, the door will be open to you.” You said, “You can dig and dig. When you get to the bottom, you’re going to find the face of this filing God.” I love that because science, new age philosophy or any type of religion if you’re seeking a pure heart to know, you’ll know. He’ll reveal himself and you’ll find that and there’s not one necessary path. There is one truth but there’s not necessarily one path to the truth. 

I love that because it’s a message of such hope that if you’re sincere and seeking, you’re going to find. If you’re digging, you’re going to get there. It’s better than what you have been taught. It’s better than what you have imagined. I always say you cannot believe in gravity and you’re still subject to gravity. You cannot believe that you’re a royal child of the divine creator, a divine idea in the mind of God but that doesn’t change who you are. This work that you’re doing that is giving people a framework and a method to discover themselves in God’s plan for humanity. It’s amazing and impactful. I am thankful for it. Do you guys have anything else that you feel wasn’t said or it needs to be brought forward?

We love the role that God’s given you and the journey you’ve been on. It’s such an honor to know you and cheer for you.

The last thing is what we were talking about there. We believe there’s one door to God but 1,000 out on-ramps. A thousand processes, He is fine with that. He’s such an amazing, kind God and he’s so not what most of us have imagined or thought. Back to the Garden of Eden, we can do this thing blaming Adam and Eve. Who’s the guy that put the red light district in the garden? It was God. He knows that’s our circumstances, that He hasn’t prepared a pristine, easy place for us to function. There are temptations. Some things pull us all around and he knows there’s going to be a process. You’re the last person surprised by Adam and Eve doing what they did. He’s a God who’s so much more patient than we imagined. He’s fine with our processes even if our processes take for a moment. You’ve been on these loops and roads and sometimes you find yourself going in the opposite direction of where you’re going to get but it’s a road that gets there.

I would challenge people with two things. Consider the relationship over religion even if you’re a Christian. Look at the ways where you’ve chosen religion over a relationship and they’re different.

Another way to say it is religiosity rules.

I’m not saying that God hasn’t created boundaries for our good, He has. I can’t go out and cure other people in the name of anything especially in the name of God. The other thing I would challenge people to is the idea that if there’s a God and if Jesus was His son, He did live here, He did die, and He was resurrected. I’m not trying to convince someone of Christianity. I want to convince someone of the fact that God valued each of us enough to send Himself in a way that we could tangibly experience Him and He could tangibly experience us, then that God is big and powerful enough to reveal Himself to me. I challenge someone if you’re in this place of, “I don’t know about Christianity. I know about Christians, but I don’t want to go that direction.” I don’t blame you. There are a lot of Christians that we’ve not done some things stupid, but to ask Jesus. I have a friend who’s a Shiite Muslim in Iran. He prayed this dangerous prayer.

He’d been worshiping Allah faithfully his whole life. He did the rituals. He said, “I was the best Shiite Muslim there could be.” He said I was so heartbroken because I didn’t feel Him. I couldn’t experience Him. It was a religion. He said, “I wanted to know that God thought of me I thought of him and that I could feel Him.” I said, “Jesus if you are the God then I want you to reveal yourself to me.” This is happening a lot specifically for a lot of Shiite Muslims specifically in Iran in the last several years. For him, Jesus walked into his hotel room and revealed Himself. I’m saying that we can sit here all day long and talk about this water. I can tell you that it’s hot. You can tell me it’s cold. We could stick our finger in it. There’s a challenge that each one of us needs to be willing to look at and say, “I’m willing to experience you, God. I don’t want religion. I want your relationship.” I’m going to stick my finger in it. I’m going to say in this process that I’m in, wherever I’m at, could you please reveal yourself to me in a way that I will know it’s you.” For him, he needed to see Jesus in the flesh.

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I can relate to your Shiite Muslim friend having grown up in a very fundamentalist Christian religion. I came to a point in my Christian faith or whatever you want to call it, my religious upbringing where I felt that way is like, “I don’t feel you, God. I’m not experiencing what I’m supposed, I don’t have peace. I don’t have essence and righteousness. I do not have joy.” I’m not experiencing that. I had to walk away from Christianity or Churchianity to be able to taste and see the nature and the goodness of God. I’ll be totally honest, it was through deep distressing trials that I got to see who He is, how He shows up for me, heals me, I can trust Him, and how He’s always there. He’s never late. He’s right on time. As a coach, I don’t ever deal with the level of behavior.

I deal with the level of cause. I’m looking for the root cause always. We’re not going to go around chopping at and trying to modify behavior. What’s causing this behavior? What is the root of this? At the root of everything that we’re talking about is the belief and whether He’s good or not. Once you experience for yourself, not what some preacher said, what something you watched on YouTube. Not what I’m saying, not what Johnny and Elizabeth were saying. Until you have experienced for yourself that He’s good and He can be trusted, He means you well and only well, that solves all the other theological questions and debates. It’s all it’s needed. When you ask, you’ll be answered 100%, full stop.

It gives you compassion on those that have shown you the face of God that wasn’t real or that the enemy tainted somehow. You’re like, “I get it. I understand because I had my process.” Unfortunately, those people carried a lot of influence and they took the God that they knew.

They were doing the best that they could do because they were hurting and they were trying to figure religion out with their human reasoning.

When we show up in these very broken areas of culture, we have to show up with that same mentality. With that same compassion on ourselves as a society. Collectively, we’ve screwed some things up big time. I can point all-day long at individual people or people groups that messed some area or culture up, or I can realize that they’re broken. People like myself who took their areas of deception and put some things in the motion that were messed up. We can look for the things we have in common and begin to bring change.

RTR 28 | Perception Of God

Perception Of God: We care for things that we care for that we know are good because it comes from Him in the way we’re wired.


Another pillar of Rise to Reign is a radical responsibility. It’s never about what anybody else is doing. It’s only about what’s going on inside of you and what you can affect which is your self. It’s never about anything other than that and that’s the level that God works with us on as well. One last thing is that I want to draw a connection between the Seven Mountain and the Seven Rainbow God Colors. There are Seven Pillars of Rise to Reign and it is a process of Rise to your rightful place of influence means that the forces pulling you up to become stronger than the forces pulling you down. That’s when you began to rise. You guys have a course called RISE. Reign is to exercise sovereign authority as that of a monarch or a queen. Sovereignty is that radical responsibility. I am sovereign over my emotional state, spiritual connection, and behavior and my beliefs. The way that we do that, the process that we walk through, I use archetypes. There are three archetypes at the lower nature which are prisoner, slave, and princess.

We use princess but this is not a male-female thing, it can be a prince. The higher nature is the queen or the king. Anything in the lower nature is characterized by fear, but the prisoner and the slave girl are victims and the prisoner is more paralyzed by fear. The slave girl is more of a martyr and a victim. This is what we see in feminism. The princess is still the lower nature, but it’s one who said, “I’m enough of that. I’m not going to be a victim. Nobody’s going to walk on me. I’m going to pull myself up by my bootstraps, put my big girl pants on and if it’s to be adept to me.” The princess is a very clear and tangible manifestation of the orphan. The higher nature is to queen. The queen is dependent only on God. I always say that the prisoners fear woman, the slave girl is a man’s woman. The princess is her own woman and the queen is God’s woman. That higher nature is that connectedness, sovereign responsibility. Knowing that I’m a queen, knowing that I’m a daughter, taking full responsibility and then moving into society with that understanding of my identity.

I love that you brought out royalty because you didn’t even know that that’s our entire process is moving into the queen. It gives women or men if they want to use it, a diagnostic. What am I being? Maybe a victim. Am I afraid? Am I an orphan or a princess? With clear characteristics, you can look at it and define where you’re at. You guys have a course. You’re building a community for people to engage around this. It’s at the heart of it. It’s a global community for people to engage these messages and have the tools and the community to take it to the streets. You guys have a community that you’re building that some exciting things coming. A prerequisite of that is taking your course which is the RISE Course. I have it and love it. It’s foundational. It has informed so much of what I do. I know that for anybody whether you’re a parent, a lawyer, a doctor, a janitor, or whatever it is, it will inform your identity first and foremost and then your responsibility for yourself and culture. Where can we find that?

What many people don’t know is that you can ask God for help because he knows it's difficult. Click To Tweet

You can find that on Rise7.org. All of the information about the upcoming community that’ll be facilitated by an app that will be released. You can also access a portal to either purchase. Some people learn more by watching videos. People have both as an option like the RISE book. It’s called RISE: A Reformers Handbook for the Seven Mountains. There’s a RISE online video course. That’s a total of seven hours but it’s bite-size video pieces. It’s accessed through the internet. Both of those you’ll find information on the website.

For those who are like, “I want one more in the Rainbow God,” the Rainbow God is the condensed essence of that book is in RISE. A little more on the colors and everything like that.

RTR 28 | Perception Of God

RISE: A Reformer’s Handbook for the Seven Mountains

Read all of their books. Listen to all of their podcasts, they also have a podcast. Buy the course. Follow the blog. Sign up for the newsletter. Follow them on Instagram, it’s @Johnny_Elizabeth_Enlow. Engage every way that you possibly can with these people because this is how you will answer that ache that we all have to figure out who we are and what our place is in the world. The revelation information that God has given you and your faithfulness to steward it and provide it in a way that is so accessible, loving, and hopeful. It’s an incredible gift to the world. Thank you for being who you’ve been in my life and thank you for being who you are to the world. You guys are amazing. I cannot express my gratitude enough. 

We love you so much. It’s a privilege and we are grateful for you and excited to get to interact with the rest of the community that you’re a part of too.

Thank you, guys.

That’s it for this episode. I hope you’ve enjoyed our time together. Don’t forget to download your gift, our Roadmap to Rise, as well as ask me any question you like. Your question may be used in an upcoming episode. Either way, I’ll answer your question personally. Just go to AmyKillingsworthPodcast.com and click on Ask Amy right there on the homepage and fire away. Until next time my friends, inviting you to rise to your rightful place of influence and reign in every area of your life.

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March 27, 2020

RTR 28 | Perception Of God

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