Episode 6: What to do When People Tick You Off and Make You Crazy

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 We are human.  We get triggered.  Over and over.  As long as life continues to unfold around us, as long as the planets circle around the sun, we will be triggered. And then we react- sometimes in hurtful, unhealthy and toxic ways.  How would you like to have the tools to handle these triggers with greater emotional intelligence? Allowing you the freedom from conflict, from unnecessary anguish, giving you the ability to release resistance and pain?  It is not easy- like anything that is worthwhile and requires healing from the core, it is a process. Spiritual and emotional healing takes time and takes conditioning.  Rise to Reign is about breaking old toxic patterns and creating a new emotional blueprint, by developing an awareness to our triggers and consciously choosing to respond in a manner that serves you and serves and lifts everyone around you. 

Not only do we teach this in our 8-week Rise to Reign program but I show you how we can shift our perspective and to not only choose this way of the “Queen” (our higher selves) but also to truly, in your heart and mind, understand and embrace the fact that things are always happening FOR you.  For your growth, for your healing, for you to break through limiting beliefs in order to have, be, do everything you were created on this earth for- in order for you to find your calling and fulfill your purpose.

Quite honestly, exercising and conditioning new emotional skills requires lifetime work. It is a constant work in progress in my own life and I am learning and growing every single day.    In this episode I get very honest and very real- I tell a story, one of my own recent personal and shocking experiences.  In fact, it was just a couple of days after a big Rise to Reign Live event, where I had been teaching this exact material for two days straight: being aware of triggers, choosing how to respond and exercising emotional intelligence.

Well, I wasn’t home an hour and I flat out, lost my chicken.  I broke every one of the Rise to Reign principles I teach in one fell swoop.  I was so extremely triggered by a conversation I was having that I, and I’m not proud of this moment, I saw red, and, without even a moment’s hesitation I unabashedly and with full throttle threw my La Croix across the room where it smashed and splattered all over my wall in a colorful fit of rage. 

And there it was.  My queen had exited the building. But! What happened next is where I knew the work I had done so far was making an impact, my blueprint was changing.. Stunned at my outburst, I reeled myself back in. I paused and cleaned it up…and apologized to each person individually in the room and asked for their forgiveness.  It was incredibly healing. I am not condoning the outburst- evidence of emotional healing is non-reactivity, so obviously I have a ways to go still.  But I share this to give you an example of healing work in progress.  A few years ago, before I started doing this work I would have beat myself up over this for weeks.  I would have stayed up all night losing sleep, feeling guilty and shame-ridden.  My family would have undoubtedly felt the ripple effect for days on end. 

Rise to Reign is about walking the path with an open heart, authentically and being willing to not make excuses.  We need to ask ourselves what is true, what is needed? I had been feeling taken advantage of and I needed to do forgiveness work around this and then figure out what needed to change (setting boundaries, etc…). The idea is to be able to see things from a healed perspective and at times, when you do slip and let ego drive the bus you offer yourself immense grace and compassion while you do the work to place the crown back on your head.  ?

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February 7, 2020

Podcast, Relationships

unpopular truth:

Women are not wired to experience success in the same texture as men. There’s a bioLOGICAL reason why you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, turned off and burned out (as well as have a hard time relaxing, having fun and enjoying your hard won success) And there’s a bioLOGICAL solution as well.

I burned down everything I built in my hustle era and through a process of death and rebirth, began to practice creating from the center of my femininity, in devotion to, held by and contained within the ultimate masculine structure - Father God.

This space and my trademarked Rise to Reign framework are devoted to feminine reclamation: healing our relationship with the masculine (God, men + money). I’m so honored to walk alongside you on our journey home - to God, ourselves and our rightful place as the crown jewel of creation.

I built an entire business on female “empowerment” and lived what I taught but wound up feeling burned out and far from my purpose with frustrating health issues and problems in my relationships.

What I learned the hard way is embodiment (not empowerment) is where feminine fulfillment is found. The timeless truths of unique, feminine biology and divine design, are where our true power lies. 

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beloved daughter, wife, mama, jigsaw puzzle enthusiast and recovering boss babe.

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