Transforming Struggle Into Influence With Lethia Owens

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It doesn’t matter how much money you have or your stature in life, you can transform your personal brand into something great. Be a game-changer, someone who is obsessed with the future, not the past, and influence others to greatness. Lethia Owens has gone through all kinds of struggles growing up, but that hasn’t stopped her from achieving her goals. She is now a personal branding speaker and strategist. She helps people find who they are by pointing a mirror at them, to truly see themselves. Join Amy Killingsworth as she talks to Lethia about her journey from struggle to influence. Start embracing your past mistakes and learn from them. Become a game-changer today!

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Transforming Struggle Into Influence With Lethia Owens

This show is the place to be to take radical responsibility for your healing so you could have the income, impact, and joy you deserve. Blame is the problem, sovereignty is the solution. Peace, joy, and overcoming limitations is the reward. The Rise to Reign Method of Life Transformation was born because of my own struggle to rewire my initial responses after dealing with constant anxiety, toxic relationships, and chronic health issues for years.

I was able to break my own self-defeating patterns for good and have helped hundreds of others do the same. Since beginning this work, I have built a seven-figure enterprise, healed physically, found my people and purpose, and most important of all, learned to live in alignment, peace, and joy. You can believe me when I say, if I can do it, anyone can. Once a week, I will be here bringing you inspiring guests, behind the scenes coaching calls, and the tools you need to overcome self-sabotage and rewire emotional responses so you can have, be and do all that you are created for.

Through my trademarked Rise to Reign Method of Somatic Coaching and Community Healing Model, I have had the privilege of coaching some of the most successful entrepreneurs as well as aspiring leaders to recover their most authentic selves and activate their life’s purpose and rock their relationships. I want to help you too. If you want to hear from me every day with a text message to help you frame a powerful mindset in turbulent times, text the word POWER to (843) 279-5783. Let’s get started with this episode of the show.

I am joined by the fabulous Lethia Owens. She is the CEO of Game Changers International. I am super excited to have her on here because what she has to share is so transformational in discovering who you are, and what you are supposed to be doing in the world in finding and accomplishing your purpose. Lethia, I want you to introduce yourself and tell us what you do because you could do a much better job than I ever could.

Amy, thank you for inviting me to share with your audience. I had considered that honor and I am excited to share with everyone that I am a digital marketing expert. I am also a personal branding strategist. I am ranked number eight among the Top 30 Brand Gurus in the World. When I got the acknowledgment of that award, I thought my husband was punking me because he is such a jokester, but it was true.

I can’t wait to share a little bit more with your audience around, “How did I become ranked number eight among the Top 30 Brand Gurus of the World?” I had a lot about how I positioned myself in the marketplace. There are a lot of strategies that people are going to learn now, whether you are a stay-at-home mom doing your thing or you are a professional, in education or an entrepreneur. Personal branding is something that everyone should pay attention to and I can’t wait to have a conversation with you about that.

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She is very humble. She is also a very highly recognized speaker and has a company that she runs. When I look at your body of work, I know that there are so many women that aspire to be where you are. The things I love about podcasts and books is that we get to glean from the expertise and find out or maybe shorten the learning curve and from people who have been there like, “How they did it?” Tell us a little bit about your journey, how you started out and how you got where you are?

I just want to encourage people to engage with this content. As I am sharing, if you have something that you want to share or something that I say sparked in you, share a comment. It is going to bless someone else and you never know. I may answer your question, but here it goes. When I was a little girl, my mother, I remember her putting me in this little white coat and she had this little blue suitcase. She kneeled down on my level. She looked me in the eyes and she said, “You were born for greater than this.” We fled in the middle of the night with nothing but my mom’s suitcase. My mother was in search of a better life. My mother has two other brothers and we lived a comfortable life, but we were poor.

My mother left that situation because she believed that I was born better than that situation that I was in. To the readers who have either been in a situation like that or are currently in a situation wherein their mind and their heart, they realize that there must be something more. If that is you, then you are in the right place. Those words echoed in my ear but one of the things that most people probably do not know about me is that I was a teen mom. As a teen mom, most people think your life is over like, “You are going to end up on drugs.” I have not had a teacher tell me I will end up on drugs or welfare.

That was my life’s fortune. My mom did something that was unthinkable. She quit her day job and got a job at night working as a security guard so that I could go back to school. My mom is the first game-changer I have ever met. I am going to tell you a little bit more about game-changers, but then fast forward, I ended up pregnant. Here I am now a sophomore in high school. The guy I got pregnant from was our jerk. It happens. I got played with the first time I ever had sex. Here is the thing. I met a guy who was a cool guy. He was a couple of years older but during my junior year, he said, “You need to study for the SAT because you need to go to college.”

I am like, “I am going to be a cosmetologist. I am not going to college,” but he saw something in me that I did not see in myself. Every time I said I want to go to the mall or the movies, he would say, “After you have studied for the SAT.” I do like, “Who says that?” While my friends were riding to school on the school bus jamming to a new edition of John Cougar Mellencamp, here I am listening to a cassette tape he had made that says, “Sub means under. Three means to do.” All of the Greek and Latin root words are suffixes and prefixes.

It was boring, but fast-forward it is time to take the SAT. It is my senior year and my boyfriend says, “It is time to take the SAT. Ask your parents to get you registered.” I go talk to my mom and I said, “Mom, I need to take the SAT.” She said, “What is that?” “It is a college entrance exam.” She says, “What? I Don’t have money for you to go to college. I am trying to decide if I am going to buy toilet tissue or put food on the table. I do not have money for an STD test.” I said, “Mom, it is SAT.”

My boyfriend paid for it. I circled Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and all the schools that I had heard about on TV to see my score to end up at my local university. Fast forward, I get called into the principal’s office and I am like, “Oh man.” I had the side hustle. I sold blow pops from my locker. That is how I took care of my daughter and then someone snitched on me.

RTR 29 | Personal Brand

Personal Brand: It’s not about how much money you have or your stature in life. It’s not about what school you went to or the family you’re born into. Being a game-changer is a mindset and a way of being in this world.


I am like, “Who snitched on me? Don’t they know these snitches end up in ditches with stitches?” My heart is pounding, but I get to the principal’s office and she was standing with her hands on her desk. I am like, “This is serious,” but then there is a man in the room. I am like, “Who was this? They called the school board on me. This is serious. I am not going to get to graduate.”

Before I could even say anything, this gentleman says, “Lethia has a near-perfect SAT score, but no college application. What gives?” I am like, “It is not about the blow pops.” This gentleman says, “I do not understand why you have not applied to college.” I said, “That is simple. I am not going to college. I am going to be a cosmetologist.” He shakes his head and looks at my principal. He says, “What if we give you a full ride?” No one in my family had ever gotten to college to pay me so I did not know what this meant. I said, “Sir, I am sorry. I do not know you. I am not getting in a car riding with you anywhere.”

He says, “No. That means what if we pay for everything?” I said, “What? I can do that. Sign me up.” I went on to get a Computer Science undergraduate degree with an emphasis in Math. I have Master’s in Leadership and two honorary doctorates. I am working on my Doctorate in Christian Entrepreneurship. I am just finishing up my second Master’s in Digital Marketing.

I say that not to gloat or to say, “Look at me.” That is not what that is about. What I want people to understand as they are reading is that someone saw something in me when I did not see it in myself and that boyfriend who told me to study for the SAT, it changed my life. Amy, I am not a dumb chick. I married that handsome guy.

I did not want to ask because I was afraid of disrespecting your husband, but I am so glad that you married him. As a mother of a daughter, I am like, “Let my daughter meet that guy.”

I want your readers to know that Andre was the second game-changer I ever met. My mother never finished high school. My mother did not have a lot of money. Andre was a fireman just trying to help his girlfriend. He saw something in her, but here is the thing. Game-changers are not about how much money you have, your stature in life, what school you went to, or the family you are born into. Being a game-changer is a mindset. It is a way of being and showing up in this world. Andre and my mom both proved to me that game-changers are obsessed with the future and the possibility of what could be.

I have to stop quick and interject a little bit because the whole idea of Rise To Reign is the way that you look at your life, the things that you believe, the mindset, the patterns of belief, and the voices that you give the audience to will determine your future for negative or positive. One of the things that I say constantly that Jesus said is that nothing is impossible for those who believe, but it does matter what you believe.

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We like to say nothing is impossible, but all things are possible is another way of saying that. We can’t forget about that last little piece of that statement for those who believe in the possibilities of a positive future. You showed two voices that were speaking to you. You had Andre and you had your mom and they were speaking life into you and your dreams.

You also had the teacher that was speaking death and you were going to end up on drugs and welfare, which honestly if you look statistically, it is probably where most people in that situation would gravitate toward, but it is not set in stone. Nobody’s future is set in stone. There is no cosmic thing written in the sky that says that if you are a teen mom, you have to end up going in this direction. That is such a beautiful example of you choosing to listen to the voices that were speaking life and you chose to believe that. That is the future that you created for yourself. You joined your sovereignty and authority with the voices that were speaking.

What was it in you that caused you to gravitate toward the one that was speaking life? For the reader that did not have an Andre or parents that are encouraging them and maybe they had the opposite of that, what would you say to an adult who is thinking, “I did not make those decisions when I was a teenager. I did not have those voices speaking like, ‘What now?’” If somebody who has not gone that route, they are later older in life, they can look back and have some regret, what would you say happens now for them?

Amy, I have so many friends that have been in this place and even in my ups and downs, I have been in that place. I am going to say this and it may sound crazy, but I know there is someone reading who is saying, “She is reading my mail.” It is possible to love your family, but hate your life that you are currently living in. You may feel like a caged bird, stuck, and like a failure, but you love your family and you do not regret having children and marrying the person that you marry, yet you do not feel fulfilled, satisfied, and actualized in this world.

When we find ourselves in a place where we have made some choices and/or we find ourselves in a place where we feel edifying and full of joy, the thing that I have found for me that has made the most difference is the community I choose to surround myself with. Sometimes it is a community that I have chosen or people that I have befriended. Sometimes it is a community I have not chosen. Maybe I attend this church and I am just networking with these individuals and someone sees me and see that something is off. Out of their love for me, they stepped in and reached out to me.

Sometimes, it is the community, frankly, that I have paid to be a part of. I have an amazing community, a Brand Builders Group that I paid to be a part of, not because of the service that they offer but because of who was in the group. I love the mindset of the people in that community. I wanted to spend time with people like that. Sometimes it is the group you choose, a group that chooses you, or the group you pay to be a part of. Remember that my mother and Andre both spoke into my life. I think because of what my mother planted in the back of my head, even though I did not see what they saw, I trusted them. I had enough faith and their faith in me until my own faith could catch up. Does that make sense?

It makes perfect sense and I love it. As a side note, Brand Builders is the impetus for you and I to meet and connect. I wholeheartedly endorse that statement and I love the community that has provided as well. Can we talk a little bit about this idea of a game-changer? I feel like we are getting the picture, but what can you add for context and help our readers embrace the idea of a game-changer?

RTR 29 | Personal Brand

Personal Brand: It is possible to love your family, but hate your life. But hate the life that you’re currently living in. The life that makes you feel stuck. And, find a community to surround yourself with.


People think that in order to be a game-changer, you have to have a superhero, Serena Williams, or Bill Gates, but that is far from the truth. Everyone has the potential and possibility of being a game-changer because as I said, it is about how you choose to show up in the world. Do you choose to be a servant or are you chasing after money?

Are you doing good because of purpose or are you trying to get a profit and hope that some good comes out of it? It is about your choices and how you decide you are going to show up in this world. Being a game-changer, let’s say in a professional setting, I have taken myself out of the running for an opportunity and promoted a colleague because it was what was best for the team.

I want the promotion, the visibility, and things of that nature but in order for the team to win, sometimes it meant that I had to be the person to assist and someone else had to make the basket. Being a game-changer is not about how many degrees you have. Some of the most influential people on the team and in the organization are people who do not have all of the accolades and the position. Long before I ever got the title of an IT leader, I was leading people in our IT department because a leader is not just a title that someone gives you. It is something you earned by how you show up every day.

This concept of a game-changer is the fact that game-changers are obsessed with the future, what could be, and what is possible. They are not focusing on the past. If your people are sitting in the stands watching what is happening, game watchers are looking at what happened while game-changers make things happen. It is by using the conviction of your voice. It is by serving with your heart. It is by seeing with God’s eyes and not just your own view and eyes because when you look through your own eyes, you sometimes miss details and miss things about people that you would not otherwise see.

It is learning how to move in and be in this world. The question is, “Who are you being? Who do you need to be calm to have the life that you say you desire?” This whole idea of a game-changer is about being forward-thinking and not dwelling on the past. We have to understand the past so that we do not recreate it and the mistakes that we have gone through, but we cannot let the past dictate our future.

It is like trying to drive in a car, but you are only looking at the rearview mirror. You will never get to where you say you want to go if you are constantly looking at a rearview mirror. It is important to focus on the future. Surround yourself with a community of people who are like-minded, who see things in you that you do not see yourself and will be honest with you. One of my most powerful tools in living the life that I live is a mirror because a mirror forces you to be honest with yourself. Sometimes, it is a physical mirror where I look at them and I am like, “Where did that come from?”

Sometimes, a mirror is a friend. Maybe someone might pay me who says, “Lethia.” They share something with you that maybe you do not even want to see, but they are a reflection back so you can see yourself so that you can grow and improve and even celebrate when there is something that is in that mirror that looks great.

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My most powerful weapon and the tool is that of a mirror because if there is something in me that needs to be addressed, it is like the scripture that says, “Search my heart, oh Lord and see if they are being imprinted in me.” I love telling friends, “I expect you to be a mirror to me. I am going to expect you to be a yes woman or yey girl. We can do it, Lethia. You are perfect.” I am not perfect. I do not like being put on a pedestal.

I have done a lot of work on myself so let’s make that clear. First of all, if you do not like it, I am sorry, but if you would like it, you realize that I have done a lot of work. The woman that you are seeing now is a woman who has committed years of trying to be better. If you are at this place where you do not necessarily like what you see when you look in the mirror because I have been there, it can get better, but the choice is yours.

One of the other things that I am picking up on and you did not express it but I am sure as a part of the recipe or the formula for a game-changer is that there is a focus. You have to do the introspection and do the inner work. A big part of my work in the world is helping people and guiding people through that. At the end of the day, it is not all about you. It is Andre and your mother seeing you, speaking life into you, and looking for how you can edify and uplift others. Is that part of being a game-changer as well?

One of the things that are like nails on a chalkboard for me is when I hear people say, “I am a self-made millionaire or billionaire.” No, you are not because the person that had not bought your makeup would not be a billionaire. I am who I am largely because of what other people have invested in me and the doors people have opened that I could not open myself.

When you get that, game-changers are big on creating opportunities for other people because they realize that they are not where they are because of who they are. They are where they are because of something that someone else sacrificed, gave, or invested in. Game-changers have this pay-it-forward mentality. I love watching Shark Tank because of Mark Cuban, one of the sharks. He is such a game-changer in the fact that he loves paying it forward.

I have seen him invest in businesses that he has no intention of making any money on only because he wanted to reassure and reaffirm in that person the quality that he loves and wants to see live in this world. I love that about him. I think he is an absolute game-changer as well, but serving and being others focused is a huge part of being a game-changer. Because my mom and Andre both love me, they made sacrifices that they did not have to make for me. They were very much others focused when they made those sacrifices for me.

I am sure they had their own issues that they were dealing with too so it is not like you have to get completely healed and perfect your life before you can be an encourager and an uplifter of others. We rise by lifting others. There is Zig Ziglar quote. He said, “You can get anything you want by helping as many people as possible get what they want.” One of the keys to happiness and joy in your life is by being able to provide a container, an environment that uplifts and heals the world.

RTR 29 | Personal Brand

Personal Brand: A leader is not just a title that someone gives you. It’s something that is earned by how you show up every day.


It deals with staff and that works on yourself internally focused in that way. As you are doing that, the process is to give yourself on behalf of others. To give yourself on behalf of the world. I do not think anybody would argue with the fact that our world needs people. Look up to activate themselves into their purpose. Our purpose is always others-focused and is never ever about us.

Another thing that I want to point out is the concept of the mirror because it is so integral in the work inside the Rise to Reign framework. You mentioned being intentional about the mirror, like bringing the people into your life that will be honest with you and surrounding yourself with that community. The other thing that is so true about life is that life is a mirror. You do not have to necessarily seek it out. If you want to know what is going on inside of you, just look around.

Your life is a mirror of your thoughts, your behaviors, your choices, your beliefs, and the words that you speak. Everything in your life is a mirror. We have this concept of radical responsibility inside the Rise to Reign framework that says that if I do not like something, it is up to me to change me. I am not trying to change other people, circumstances, the world, or politics. I need to change me and take radical responsibility for what I have created as a powerful co-creator with God and change what needs to be changed so that I can have, be, and do what I was created to do.

Just so we do not run out of time because I want to, I am so excited to hear your expertise on this. A big part of being a game-changer is embracing and developing your personal brand and being intentional about implementing or presenting yourself in a way that is aligned with or authenticated to your highest self or your purpose. Can you speak to that a little bit?

What I would love for the readers to understand and embrace if they do not hear anything else is that they are fearfully and wonderfully made. They are not an accident. There is no mistake about how they are wired. Sometimes people say, “I wish I was wired like Lethia or Michael.” The way you are wired is perfect for you. If you can hear and understand that, everything else I say will make sense.

This concept of personal branding is really important. Tom Peters coined it some years ago. Right around the 2000 timeframe, he coined the term Personal Branding. What it was is that we were very intentional about building our reputation. The term before that was professional image. What I have come to realize in the study of personal branding is that we all have our own unique quirks, abilities, wiring, and desires that make us uniquely us.

The world that we live and work in now honors individuals who understand what their distinction is and who choose to promote that in the marketplace and the world. Even if you are a stay-at-home mom and you are serving on the PTO, your personal brand still matters because if you are not intentional about building a personal brand, you are still building one. It may not be the one that you intend. Imagine life being a blank canvas. Every time you say something, do something or do not do something that people expect you to do, there is a brushstroke that is being painted on that canvas.

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Over time, the more you speak, the more you act or do not act, people are getting a picture. A picture is being painted of who you are and eventually, they will begin to believe the picture that is emerging, not necessarily what you say. People think that they can say they are this type of person and people will believe them. That is not the case anymore. People are looking at how you are showing up in life.

Are you sincere? Do you have integrity? Do you do what you say you are going to do? Do you care about others? You show that. Are you driven by money and fame? Whatever you are doing is painting that picture. When we are intentional about the picture that we are painting, we then take a form of control into our own hands about how we are going to be perceived in the world.

For me, I am wanting to be viewed as Christ-like. Every action and every interaction with people that I have for them or if they happen to hear about Christ, they will say that Lethia is a follower of him because of how she handled me, dealt with a situation, served in a community, or whatever the vision is that you have for how you want to be perceived. When I was in Corporate America, I wanted to be perceived as the database queen.

I knew everything that there was about databases. I positioned myself, promoted myself, volunteered, offered information, and did launch and learn so that people would know that if you have a database question as a colleague, I can help you and that is exactly part of the brand that I built. I built a brand as a servant leader and then as this database queen.

As I rose through the ranks and no longer did programming, people will come to me for career advice and lots of other things because they saw me as a servant leader. I want the readers to think about their own unique personal brands. Your brand is made up of the thoughts, feelings, and ideas that people hold in their minds about who you are. If there is a missed opportunity where there is a closed door and someone could make a recommendation or a referral or someone could speak up for a promotion and they do not do it, it is because they probably either do not understand or know your brand or do not have a favorable or positive perception about your brand.

You get to choose how your life and your work will matter based on how you show up. My teacher who told me I would never amount to anything did not get to choose how my life will matter. I get to choose how my life would matter. Building a brand is essential, important, and something that in this world, the way that we operate is no longer a good thing to have. It is an essential tool that you need to have in your tool belt.

One of the questions I ask coaching clients a lot, and it is amazing to me how 100% of the people are stumped by this question is, what do you want out of life? I talked to 40, 50, and 60-year-olds and they are like, “Huh.” Somebody told them they need to go to college, get married, and have kids. They just did the thing and then they get to a certain point in their life, “I am not happy. I am not fulfilled.” God made you a certain way. You said that your wiring, your looks, and your personality are not an accident. You are made for a purpose.

RTR 29 | Personal Brand

Personal Brand: Everyone has their own unique quirks, abilities, wiring, and desires that make them uniquely them. And, the world today honors individuals who understand what their distinction is.


You do not have to have a solution. You are a solution to a specific problem. If you do not know what that problem is, you are not going to be fulfilled because you are trying to shove a round peg into a square hole. Maybe that is a square peg into a round hole that made us backward. The other thing, too, is that your life circumstances are not an accident either. Your life’s journey is not an accident because the divine blueprint is always trying to massage you or sometimes even smack you onto the path of finding and fulfilling that purpose.

If you feel that agitation like, “I am not in the right place. I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing.” That is a good thing. Pay attention to that. My follow on question from what do you want in life is what are you desire? What lights you up? There is a scripture in Psalm. This is Psalm 37:4. It says, “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” When I was sixteen years old, I got a Bible for my sixteenth birthday.

I wrote on the front of the Bible my life verse. It is Psalm 37:4. I took that in my sixteen-year-old mind to read. If I desire a Ferrari, then God will give it to me. If I desire a mansion on a Hilltop, God will give that to me. There is nothing wrong with any of those things but at some point in my life, not even that long ago, the Holy Spirit reframed that verse for me.

I saw it like I had never seen it before. It is the desire that he gets when our focus is on him. When our focus is on the right things, he gives us the desire. The desire is the gift. It is not the thing that you get. It is the desire and so your true pure heart desires. It is not your cravings and ways of numbing emotional pain, but your true heart’s desires will lead you to your purpose because they are planted in you by the design. What lights by divine design? What lights you up? What could you do for hours without getting paid?

These are questions that we are not taught to ponder. I love what you are saying because it fits right in. With the personal brand, it is not just like, “What do you want out of life? What do you want from the world?” It is like, “Who do you want and need to be to have what you want to have?” That is core. Inside the Rise to Reign framework, one of the principles is identity.

We talk about the archetypes of the prisoner, the slave, the princess, the prince, and the queen or the king. The different characteristics of those archetypes frame who you are being. If the queen is the highest self and the divine design, how does a queen show up? How does a queen speak to her children, eat, run her business, or move about in the world?

That gives a container and a context. It aligns with this idea of the brand and the most powerful part of it that you are saying to me is that you must be intentional and you get to decide, but if you do not know what you want, you do not know who you have to be to get that. If you do not know who you have to be to get that, you are essentially just drifting.

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The idea of a personal brand is not about making money. That is a side effect of effective branding and there is nothing wrong with it, but that is not the goal. The goal is deciding your direction and being intentional about where you are steering and the choices that you are making to align on that path. Lethia, I think that you are obviously one of the best people in the world to help us with personal branding. What else can you help us with? How can our readers find you? Let us know how we can partake of your brilliance?

First of all, being a servant, I am so full right now. There are four points I have to share. I would be remised if I did not share it. Number one, you are talking about this idea of us helping enough other people get what they want in life. That is how we are going to get what we want but here is what I want people to know is that there is someone waiting on them to figure out what their purpose is. Also, we talk about where they are right now is not a mistake.

I am a Trekkie. I was watching Picard and this little boy saw people from the future being down. He spent his whole life trying to prove that he was not insane. He was having this conversation with Picard because he saw Picard being down. He was like, “I know I was not crazy,” so he captured him. Picard said, “What if you needed to be that boy so that today you could be this man who would be able to believe me when I say these words?” God sometimes allows us to experience things in the past so that we are prepared and ready when he brings something else in the future that we could only believe and receive because of where we have been. I want people to hear that.

Even your mistakes and your hurts, you put all of that into the divine plan and make yourself better for having experienced those things.

Here is the thing about hurts and mistakes in the past. All of those things are necessary. When I think about love and my love for my husband, it is so powerful because of the high notes and the low notes. The melody of love would never be a melody if it were all high notes or low notes. It is this beautiful movement between high and low that appreciates the highs and you work hard during the lows because you know high is possible.

When it comes to healing, one of the things I wanted to say is that it is a journey and it is something that we must never let someone else take out of our hands. We have the power to move forward on our own emotional healing journey because the reality of it is that we are magnets. Magnets have the power to either repel or attract.

When we have emotional hurts and bruises deep within us then we choose not to address and act like they did not happen or they are not there. Those dark spots in us become a magnet that repels us even though we have had hurt and maybe terrible things happened. If we have lost a child, we have been abused, we lost our husband or our spouse, all of those dark spots in us, when we choose to move forward, allow the Holy Spirit of God to heal us, step into a community and allow them to be a mirror, the magnet inside of us becomes something that attracts and pulls.

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Personal Brand: God sometimes allows us to experience things in the past so that we will be prepared and ready when he brings something else in the future.


We get to choose whether as a magnet, we will repel or attract to us everything that we need to be everything that we are called to be. The other thing that I wanted to say is that we need to be who we are on purpose and without apology when we are building our personal brand. Being an African-American woman in IT when I joined, 90% of the workforce were males. I was constantly being pressured to be someone I wasn’t and be more masculine, and that is not who I am. I decided that I would not assimilate because when we assimilate, we lose a part of who we are.

When you integrate, you find where you fit in, you dig in, and you add massive value. That is the best part. Do not assimilate, instead integrate. I want to share last but not least that in the tiny book of Amos, there is a scripture that talks about as we are seeking God that blessings will chase us down. Everywhere you look, there are blessings. They will happen so quickly that our heads will turn.

We do not have to go seeking out money. There is nothing wrong with money, but sometimes for the love of money, our making decisions to do certain things can cause us to do things that are not healthy or the right thing to do. When we are chasing after helping, loving, serving, transforming people, and making the world a better place for our children’s children’s children, then wealth will find us. It will find us on the path of doing good in the world.

I know there are some people who say baloney but I live in a world that says, “That is the way to live.” There is so much joy, satisfaction, and significance that comes from serving and giving of myself. God has been faithful. I have not wanted anything. Never have I seen the righteous forsaken or see any brand that everything I needed every time I have said yes to God and lived a life where it is about serving others.

I want to encourage our readers to build a brand that is about serving others in that question that you asked and I discovered this a few years ago. I asked God and he said, “What do you want?” I better be really clear before I asked for this. What I realized at the end of the day that my purpose is I want to study and share. I want to study the word of God and share what I have learned. I want to study business models and marketing and share what I learned. God has given me a platform to be able to do that.

That is the desire of your heart, I can see that. The faithfulness of God is that he gives us a desire. He gives us also the platform, the ability, and the way to fulfill that desire. He does not leave us with those unmet desires. You said that, in your corporate career, you wanted to be known as the database queen. Who do you want to be known as now?

A game-changer that inspires others to become game-changers. That is who I want to be known in the world.

How can our readers connect with you and be able to participate in that?

If they would like to learn what I am up to, they can always go to my website, or they can go to almost any social network and look up @LethiaOwens and they will find me.

Personally, my cup is full and I am walking away with so many little nuggets and uplifting mindset shifts. I know our audience will too. Thank you so much for coming on, Lethia, and hopefully, we can do it again soon in the future.

It is my pleasure. I will say yes anytime I am invited to come back to share with this audience.

Thank you so much and take care.


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About Lethia Owens

RTR 29 | Personal Brand

Lethia Owens is known for her unparalleled ability to help businesses and professionals brand their brilliance and dominate their market. She is a best-selling author, Tech CEO, branding expert and market domination strategist who is ranked #8 among the top 30 brand gurus in the world. (It’s no joke – look it up).

Having once been a high school dropout, Lethia knows what it takes to be a game changer. She’s a little geeky, magnetically motivating and oozing with brilliant business strategies that challenge you to get in the game because game changers, not spectators win championships. She is the CEO of Game Changers International, the founder of Women of Audacious Faith and the author of Your Brand Influence: The Art and Science of Building an Influential Personal Brand. Her message of reinvention, courage and self-empowerment has inspired audiences on Fox, CBS and NBC affiliate networks.


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May 17, 2022

RTR 29 | Personal Brand


unpopular truth:

Women are not wired to experience success in the same texture as men. There’s a bioLOGICAL reason why you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, turned off and burned out (as well as have a hard time relaxing, having fun and enjoying your hard won success) And there’s a bioLOGICAL solution as well.

I burned down everything I built in my hustle era and through a process of death and rebirth, began to practice creating from the center of my femininity, in devotion to, held by and contained within the ultimate masculine structure - Father God.

This space and my trademarked Rise to Reign framework are devoted to feminine reclamation: healing our relationship with the masculine (God, men + money). I’m so honored to walk alongside you on our journey home - to God, ourselves and our rightful place as the crown jewel of creation.

I built an entire business on female “empowerment” and lived what I taught but wound up feeling burned out and far from my purpose with frustrating health issues and problems in my relationships.

What I learned the hard way is embodiment (not empowerment) is where feminine fulfillment is found. The timeless truths of unique, feminine biology and divine design, are where our true power lies. 

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beloved daughter, wife, mama, jigsaw puzzle enthusiast and recovering boss babe.

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