Who is Deciding Your Future?

Who is creating the narrative? On this third episode of the mini-series on social programming, Amy Killingsworth invites you to take a closer look at what’s happening in the media and society at large. Could you entertain the possibility that our society is intentionally not set up for human thriving and that there may be a coordinated effort to condition and program? How are we able to look at what’s happening from a critical perspective?
Join Amy Killingsworth in this episode as she provides the solution to breaking free from social conditioning and what’s holding you back so that you can exercise your sovereignty and live a life without limits!

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Social Programming: Uncovering How Societal Norms Are Deciding Your Future

We are completing our miniseries on social engineering, social priming, social programming, and social conditioning, all ways of saying the same thing, which is basically an idea that a group of people is masterminding and molding society in the way that they want to go for their own purposes. If you haven’t read it, this is the 3rd episode in a series of 2. I’m wrapping up a miniseries. You can go back and read Episodes 26 and 27. This is episode 28 to get the complete picture.

I began the first episode of the miniseries by asking a question, “Could you make room in your thinking to consider the possibility that a small group of people is intentionally molding society through media, entertainment, education, government, medicine, healthcare toward an expected and deliberate end?” In the first episode, we talked about priming what is social conditioning, and social engineering.

In the second episode, we talked about how an individual becomes socially primed or socially conditioned. Now we are talking about the engineers or the people behind the curtain, so to speak or the masterminds. Let’s say that there were a small group of people, maybe a hidden ruling class or regime, or brilliant but unethical and greedy marketers who understand human conditioning.

They seek to exploit and perpetuate it because traumatized people who are starved for authentic belonging, authentic unconditional love, and connection are easy to manipulate, control, and sell to. Another way of saying that is, if people who don’t know who they are, are easy to be made to believe that they are much less than.

There’s another story I want to tell here and it’s about an elephant. You’ve probably maybe heard it if you have been around any kind of self-development circles for any length of time. A baby elephant, when it’s born into the circus or when the circus gets a hold of this baby elephant, is trained in a certain way by a chain around its foot that is tied to a stake that’s driven into the ground and can’t be moved with the strength of the baby elephant has.

Anytime the baby elephant pulls against the slack of that chain that’s tied to it, the baby elephant is punished severely. Eventually, the baby elephant really stops trying to pull against the chain. Later in life, when this giant elephant, which is arguably maybe the strongest mammal on Earth, is tied up to this measly, little stake in the ground and could easily pull it out and go wherever it wanted and go do whatever it wanted to do.

It doesn’t even try to pull the stake out because it was conditioned in early childhood that it’s, A) Feudal. It can’t get away. B) It brings punishment. There’s another landmark study that if you have a Psychology courses study, you will read about, and it was a study done on dogs. It explored the idea of learned helplessness. What happened was the dogs were trapped in a cage and couldn’t escape anywhere. The cage was locked down. They couldn’t get out.

The floor of the cage would give them electric shocks. There was nowhere that they could go to get away from these electric shocks. I hate this study. I hate even thinking about it. The poor dogs would whine, cry, defecate and suffer from these electric shocks that were coming from the floor of the cage that they couldn’t get out of.

Later in the study, they opened the doors of the cages so that the dogs could get out, and guess what? They didn’t even try. They could walk out the door of the cage but didn’t even try. They sat there and took the shots. They continued to whimper, cry and suffer. That is the concept of learned helplessness. It’s like when I tried to help myself before, it resulted in pain or didn’t work. I am a victim of my surroundings and I’m not even going to try.

If you wanted to create a society of people who were slaves to an agenda but didn’t know they were slaves, wouldn’t it be brilliant to condition generations of people to deprive one another of the basic human needs of unconditional love and acceptance? They turned on each other and divided into groups to fight for the only scraps of belonging they could get their hands on.

Wouldn’t that be a really brilliant strategy to control a population of millions and even billions of people? To play on an exploit that needs for love and belonging and to condition us to divide and deny one another, unconditional acceptance, unconditional positive regard, unconditional love, and belonging, and get us to separate into groups and say, “You are in the group. You are out of the group. We are the best. You are them.”

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To do this, you would execute various specific social cues that would trigger that desperate need to avoid rejection. You could create campaigns that maligned entire groups of people for not engaging in the narrative or the socially approved and accepted behavior. What is an example of this going on now? If you will notice, the cycles of the media go in waves. There are ideas presented and a socially accepted norm that is perpetuated by celebrities, on the news, the experts, and many politicians.

When you see that going on, the narrative, the thing that everybody is getting behind, then you know that there is an agenda or a narrative at work. They are basically telling you what to be outraged about, what side or what should be important to you. There’s all this extreme social pressure to get on the side of the majority may be, or the in-group or the in-crowd.

Have you ever noticed that coordinated effort? Coordinated efforts between media, celebrities, government, and social media influencers, to provide the cues and let you know what’s in and what’s out? For so long and obviously still going on, it’s like, “Get your vaccine, protects those most vulnerable, and this is what you do if you care about people and if you are the responsible member of society that wants to belong, be seen, and acknowledged as responsible, loving and caring, so you have to get your vaccine.”

That’s obviously still going on but then that shifted to standing with Ukraine. Everybody is expected to make a statement that they stand with Ukraine. I’m not here to debate the merits of any of this. I want you to see the coordinated efforts to tell you what the in thing and what the appropriate response is. I believe that it’s even more about the stimulus-response than it even is about the actual issue that’s being conditioned in response.

It’s a way to control your focus and tell you what you should be outraged about, what should be important to you or what should pull on your heartstrings. When that coordinated effort is going on, you see things like catchy slogans, like, “We are in this together,” cue the desire to belong or maybe the campaigns will play in our desire to participate in the community or be a part of something larger than ourselves. That’s a huge social queue.

We are created. We have this inborn, innate sense that we want our life to have meaning or purpose. We all want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, a family, an organization, a cause or a mission. When you say something like, “We are in this together and build back better,” now our cause even has a slogan and it makes and connects us to something larger than ourselves.

It even connects us to celebrities. You see this class of people that have the life that maybe everybody else wishes they had. They have the money and the fame, the accolade and the lifestyle. Like the aspirational identity, we all wished that we could be a part of that strata. When we do the thing or join up with the philosophy or take that action, we get to connect ourselves with the cool kids. We get to be connected with the in-crowd, classic perception control and social priming, and social programming.

There could also be logos and colors. I’m looking at my Mac, and there’s that windshield wiper Mac thing. It’s a program called Clean My Mac and it has the Ukrainian flag on it. Clean My Mac software is coming to my computer to let me know that they stand with Ukraine. You can change your social media profile picture to Standing With Ukraine. There could be a snappy logo and frame around your social media.

You could identify yourself with that thing, cause, outrage du jour, or the thing that we are all standing with or giving our attention to. That’s the problem but what’s the solution? The solution, as always, is self-awareness. Self-awareness is a superpower because, with self-awareness, you can heal. When you see a pattern, it’s the beginning of the end of the pattern. With self-awareness, you can begin to heal those patterns and start to choose intentionally.

You can decide for yourself and exercise your sovereignty. You can take your sovereignty back and begin to hold those two competing ideas in your mind, wrestle with them and decide what’s true. What do you truly believe? Not what has been spoon-fed to you, what has been given to you, or what you have been told to think, feel, be outraged or be an activist toward.

It’s actually what is true for you, your own inner truth, and that comes with self-awareness. If I was one of these engineers, an evil mastermind who wanted to create a slave class, who incidentally didn’t know they were slaves but were mindlessly and unconsciously promoting what I wanted to see happen on the agenda for my own selfish purposes, which that might be greed. It’s usually greed.

The solution is always self-awareness. Click To Tweet

Here’s what I would do. I would pollute the food system with chemicals, toxins, and things that lower optimal brain function. Our food system is absolutely polluted with all kinds of poisons, toxins, additives, and things that are completely unnecessary and totally toxic, especially to the brain. Neurotoxins die in the food, especially children’s food, artificial flavors, preservatives enriching with synthetic vitamins and synthetic substances, iron, for example.

With absolutely no regard to nutritional science, putting fluoride in the water has never been proven to make teeth strength stronger. This is a great example of what I talked about with cutting the ends of the ham off. We all know that fluoride makes your teeth strong. You can have cavities if you don’t have fluoride on your teeth. That has never been proven.

I want somebody on this episode to find any study that’s proven that fluoride prevents cavities. That’s what we do. We put fluoride on teeth and toothpaste. It’s what the American Academy of Dentists or whatever says to do. That’s what we do. An example of this is I took my 6-pounder to the vet when she was brand new. The vet wanted to give her a rabies shot, obviously. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing but my question for the vet was, “Do you have a different dose for a 6-pounder than you do for a 100-pound Mastiff? Do you have a different shot, dose, size or different measurement for a 6-pound Poodle than you do 100-pound Mastiff?” She looked at me like she glazed over. She said, “No, we give every dog the same shot.” I was like, “Does that make sense? My dog is 6 pounds, and that dog is 100 pounds. It feels like that would be overkill. It’s too much for a 6-pounder if it was effective for a 100 pounder.”

Her response was, “Whatever society of veterinarians, I don’t know what that governing organization is but that’s their recommendation.” I don’t care. I don’t give a crap what the organization’s recommendation is. What is the science behind it? Has anybody applied critical thought to this? Is there an agenda at play? Are we working on even outdated, outmoded information? This is what I’m talking about.

It’s not accepting the status quo because that’s what the organization, the expert on TV said or my mom did but to think this through. If you think about fluoride, for instance, to close that loop, it’s a neurotoxin. It’s extremely toxic to the human brain. It’s in safe amounts but how much is a safe amount of halogen, that’s a medication, poisonous or toxic? Why are they medicating us in our drinking water without our consent?

Have you ever thought about this fluoride as a medication, putting medicine into your drinking water? When you are showering water, it goes in through your skin your bathing water. Have you ever thought about these things? This is my point in the whole social programming conversation. I would make the poisonous food that we talked about and put food poison in food, fast food, and processed food to make it cheap and easy to obtain.

Whereas the fresh food, the organic food, the food that is close to its original form is more expensive and takes a lot more work and effort to not only to obtain. In some places in the United States, in food deserts, you can’t even get it. You can’t obtain it at all. The Hostess Twinkies and Ding Dongs were no problem. A bag of chips is easy. Microwave burrito or a McDonald’s on every corner but you can’t get an apple or a bundle of kale. You probably wouldn’t know what to do with it. If you did, your mom has been giving you TV dinners, and her mom gave her TV dinners.

You see how this works to trickle down, play the long game, and dismantle a society from the inside out. If I were one of these people who wanted to engineer society, I would engineer a media system that constantly makes people feel inferior and unsatisfied so they would buy crap, eat, drink and smoke crap that makes them numb to the pain of their unrealized dreams and desires.

I would use schools to condition children to be good, obedient, not critical thinkers but workers or cogs in the corporate wheel that never builds individual wealth rather centralizes the money and power at the top of a few large corporations. I would have people so busy trying to survive that they didn’t have any bandwidth to even ask these questions that we are talking about, contemplate their worth or their purpose, or even expend the mental calories that it takes to think critically.

I would promote a religious system that glorifies being poor, sick, and suffering. I’m not going to touch that one now. I will get into that in my series on spirituality but I think you are getting the picture. Our society is not set up for human thriving. Is that intentional? Can we entertain the possibility that it’s intentional? Can we use that cognitive dissonance to agitate a sense that we need to wake up, pay attention and choose differently?

The great thing is if you feel trapped or hopeless, I sure did at one point, you can change at any time by changing your mind, elevating your standards, and choosing to do the work of going inside and healing the patterns that have been fed to you over a lifetime. Starting little by little, choosing differently based on self-awareness and ultimately on consciousness. My friends, that is it for episode number 28 of the Rise To Reign show. Thank you so much for reading. This concludes our series on social engineering. I hope you have found it helpful and made you think. I will see you next episode.

May 10, 2022


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